The Oxford Local Immigration Partnership is a core group representing levels of government, school boards, employers, ethno-cultural and faith based organizations, and the community social services sector that provides support and coordination to newcomers, refugee-sponsorship groups as well as support for resettlement when families arrive in our community.

The committee recognizes the need to coordinate all local efforts on refugee sponsorship and settlement to ensure that:

  1. There is communication and collaboration amongst sponsorship groups, government offices, local agencies and volunteers;
  2. There is a county-wide coordinated effort that supports all sponsorship groups in Oxford;
  3. The residents of the county will be able to welcome these families with the understanding and appreciation that their arrival will enrich the diversity and social/cultural traditions in our community;

The Oxford Local Immigration Partnership and Oxford Settlement Services can provide a myriad of programs, supports and coordinated referrals for newcomer families to holistically address needs and streamline resettlement and community integration. Priority supports include but are not limited to access to translation and interpreter services, language training and English as a Second Language, health care, mental health services, housing, nutrition, transportation, income support, accreditation, spiritual, recreation, community connections, volunteerism, conversation cafes, mentoring opportunities, education and employment.

Ongoing case management and support is provided throughout the transition process to integration.


Community Group - Woodstock

Please visit our Facebook Group to learn more about a grassroots initiative to sponsor a family of refugees to move to our community in Woodstock or you can also contact Jessica at jcurtis@sutton.com or Ashley at ashley.farrar@spcoxford.ca for more information.

Community Group - Ingersoll

Please visit our Facebook Group (Ingersoll Refugees Updates and Information) to learn more about a grassroots initiative to sponsor a family of refugees to move to our community in Ingersoll or you can also contact Diane Reintjes or Rev. Gilbert Simard at (519) 485-1802, shingersoll@dol.ca for more information.

Bethany Lutheran Church

For more information please call (519) 539-2451 or email bethanyoffice@rogers.com www.bethanywoodstock.ca

Huron Baptist Church

For more information please email Dave Steenburg

Erie View United Mennonite Church

For more information please visit our Facebook page.

You can also contact Pastor Tom Warner at (519) 429-8147 or email evumc2015@gmail.com


If you wish to volunteer with any of the groups listed above or donate to their fundraising efforts, please call or send an e-mail to the listed contact person/s. If you wish to volunteer to support coordination and resettlement efforts, or if you are aware of any other community efforts, please send us an email.


MYTH #1: Refugees will change our community.

"Refugees will change our community - just like your ancestors did. The French, Irish, Scottish, Germans, Dutch, and many more, all left their mark on Canada. Immigrants are hard-working, entrepreneurial, and innovative. Welcoming refugees into Oxford County is not only a humanitarian act, it is also a long-term investment in our community." Read more here: Myths vs. Fact - Refugees in Canada

MYTH #2: Refugees and migrants will ruin economies.

Immigrants tend to create businesses and integrate themselves into the work force, paying more into the social systems than they extract. Many refugees are well educated or highly skilled which means they can positively influence the work force sharing their knowledge and skills with non-immigrant coworkers.

Taken from Huffingtonpost.com 2015

MYTH #3: All refugees are dangerous

2,234 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the United States since October 1, 2010. None have been arrested or removed on terrorism charges. Refugees are not terrorists. Many refugees are victims of terrorists. In Canada, there are vetting processes in place as precautions against security threats.

Taken from U.S. Department of State

MYTH #4: Many refugees have smart phones or appear to be in good health and don’t look like they need help.

The people settling in Canada come from diverse backgrounds, including middle-class, wealthy or educated families. However, they have been forced to leave their homes due to horrific conflict. Cell phones aid in keeping in touch with family, or calling for help. Would you flee your home without your cell phone?

Taken from Huffingtonpost.com 2015

If you have more questions or would like to learn more, please visit the Canadian Council for Refugees.


A list of websites which offer information and support to those who wish to sponsor a refugee.

Useful websites offering aid and information for refugees and their sponsors on settling into Ontario and Oxford County.

Connect for support today! Contact us at Oxford Settlement Services:
Karen Oldroyd - Settlement Worker
Email: koldroyd@ceswoodstock.org
Phone: (519) 539-8161

Welcome Ontario: Syrian Refugee Assistance Information

211 Oxford Local Immigration Partnership

Refugee HealthLine

Employment Ontario for Newcomers

Additional tools and resources for refugees.

In My Language


Ikea Canada – Refugee Settlement Support Application - Ikea Canada is donating $180,000 in furniture and furnishings to aid newcomers. Applications will be accepted from registered charities with the intent of helping resettle refugees, located no more than one hour away from their closest Ikea and not requesting more than $5,000 worth per family until March 31, 2016 or until funds run out.

Sleep Country Canada - Through their Bed Program, sponsors and refugees can contact Sleep Country London via email only. Give the size and number of beds needed and they will get back to you.

Canadian Council for Refugees Outreach

Refugee Mental Health Webinar Series Flyer

Caring for Syrian Refugee Children


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